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fteebee is an independent Rating Service that allows the consumer to rate his or her Insurer and/or Financial Advisor

The founders of fteebee are insurance professionals with an intimate understanding of how the industry operates.  We understand that choosing an insurance product, or dealing with an insurer or advisor, is not a simple exercise. Insurance products and services have become extremely complex and sophisticated, and it’s often impossible to know whether the product you are buying is in fact most suited for your needs.

Many comparison websites reduce a product or service to price or a couple of very basic features; this is often a flawed process resulting in the purchase of a suboptimal product.

Our aim is to improve the situation by promoting interaction between insurance service providers and consumers:

  • Ratings given by consumers to insurers and advisors (incl. their products and services) provide a very good view of what you can expect when you deal with them.
  • Those insurers and advisors who willingly ask their clients to rate their products and services will usually be the ones who genuinely care about their clients, and will often offer a better product or service.

Feel free to contact fteebee if you have questions about an insurance product or service, or problems with e.g. an insurance claim; we will do our best to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).

fteebee is an independent organisation; we will not provide your personal details to any third party.

fteebee is an independent organisation set up to fight for a clean and fair insurance industry. Our aim is to help you, the consumer, choose the best Insurer and/or Financial Advisor, and assist you in buying the right product at the right price.