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fteebee is the first Insurance Rating Service where the consumer has the opportunity to rate his or her insurer and intermediary

No, fteebee is not a broker (intermediary) and does not provide any advice. As such we will not try to sell you any insurance products – we can, however, try to help you to find one that best suits your needs.

No, fteebee is independent. We do not answer to any insurer or any intermediary.

We will not give your personal data to any external party – unless of course if you specifically ask us to do so.  Your data is kept completely anonymous and is only used for analysis and statistical purposes.

Yes, feel free to contact us. As we are neither an insurer nor an Advisor (intermediary or broker), we cannot provide you with formal sales advice – but we can, however, provide you with an educated opinion!

We take data security very seriously – our secure servers are based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Of course, just send a short mail to admin@fteebee.com

Professional advice is in general a good thing. Your financial security is a serious matter – a good and professional analysis of your personal situation is therefore important.

No!  We are strong believers in insurance - but only if the product in question suits the needs, financial situation and risk profile of the person buying the insurance, and if the price of the product (including the fee received by the advisor) is reasonable.  We are against bad products, mis-selling and greed.

fteebee is an independent organisation set up to fight for a clean and fair insurance industry. Our aim is to help you, the consumer, choose the best Insurer and/or Financial Advisor, and assist you in buying the right product at the right price.